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  • Higher Returns

    Early maturity results in higher and faster returns on investment.

  • Saves Water

    More land can be irrigated by water saved using better irrigation technology.

  • Efficient

    Fertilizers and Chemicals are used efficiently.

  • Network Delivery

    Delivers water to the crop using mainlines, sub-mains and lateral lines.

Welcome to Ambika Online!

The company offers the widest range of cost-effective and customized technologies with high quality solutions that deliver increased productivity per unit of resources. Our expertise drives higher crop yields, minimizes risks, and saves precious non-renewable resources. It enables supply and installing of Drip Irrigation systems, Inline & Online Drip Laterals, Micro Tubes, PVC Pipes, Filters & Fittings.

About Us

Ambika is the leading manufacturer and provider of tailor-made irrigation solutions.

Our Services

Ambika offer customers the right irrigation system for their specific needs and local environment.

Our Works

Our work includes plantation of Mulberry(Silk),Teak Wood, Papaya, Capsicum, Rose, Tea and Coffee many others fruits and vegetables.

Our Products

Our product range includes Drip Laterals, Micro Tubes, Drip Accessories, Drippers, Filters, Electronic Panel Boards.